While lockdown

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While we are in the isolation I’ve created tons of new little outfits. I can’t wait to reopen my photography studio and start using them. I am a creative person and I am also a fabrics holder. Proud to say though I have used half of my materials collection hah! So, I have made rompers. hats and panties for the newborns, sitters and 1 year olds. Not only that! One flowery backdrop I’ve hand made out of wallpaper scraps. Some other props too 🙂 It is easy for me as my two daughters have already grown up and I have tons of free time that I spend on my third baby which is my small business.

Needles to say I am busy bee. How about you? What keeps you occupied during the long weeks? Do you like crafting? Maybe cooking or baking, knitting, crocheting, sculpting, sewing? I wonder how my clients spend the isolation time. I know that you have kids and you are busy with them all the time. But I am sure everyone of you has something they love doing. Let me know in the comments how you invest your free time.

Whatever is you do it will keep you happy. Creativity is a natural medicine that helps us survive the isolation. It is free, it is satisfying and very often becomes a business eventually. Be aware, it is also very much addictive hah

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  1. Terri Hagger

    Hi, lock down gave me a new job title to the many we have as mums any way, teacher. I have helped my 3 children daily work through a normal school day as best as possible. (Extra presents for all teachers they need it!) So been fun and new experiences for all us at home. Enjoying all the extra time spending as a family that we wouldn’t normally get. Like you I love my crafts I crochet a lot, engrave on glass and paper crafts. Really enjoying your blog thanks for sharing 😊

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