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As a professional photographer I would love to volunteer some of my time and skills. The question was: Who would be the right one to receive it? I have thought long and hard. Usually I work with families and children. So this will be a give away for children and young people. Young fighters and survivors.

Let me tell you something personal. Years ago I sadly lost my precious father to cancer. Some years later, I then had to watch my beautiful mother fighting, and amazingly beating it. I am so grateful to still have her in my life now! Long story short. This experience has given me the understanding of what it actually is to fight. 

There are so many of people (old and young) who struggle every day. I couldn’t really make my mind up, until I thought of changing my hair style… Then I thought to myself, why don’t I cut my wavy hair short and donate? After a quick research I’ve found The Little Princess TrustThis charity provides free real hair wigs for children around the world.  It is absolutely amazing work! They use real hair donated by compassionate people around the UK! For children and young people, who lost their own hair in a heartbraking battle with cancer. It took me a very short time to find out that they collaborate with Headmasters. Then it took only few minutes to book my haircut appointment online. That was so easy. Brilliant! Time for changes, right?

But I can do more!


So what I am about to do….

My hair is just a little gift, that I will donate on 1st August 2020. But I would really love to GIFT something very special to those wonderful children.

Parents of all childhood cancer fighters and survivors! Parents of children who are sick and suffer from other serious diseases. I have a very special place in my heart for your hero children! They are extraordinary children, who are brave and loving! From now on I will be photographing all those hero children. Those who still fight and those who have won. The portrait photo session along with 5 high resolution digital images sent via email will be complimentary in full. Outdoor or indoor photo sessions. Soon I will add a new page to my website. This is my priority project now. The sessions for hero children are now open. Let me document your journey.

Or if you and your family are all well, would you help me spread the word, and tell everyone! I want to make their story and give the best I can. From heart to heart. Do you know a family who has been going through difficult times lately? I have good news! Help me shout out loud about it!

I was also talking about it to my lovely friend Terri Ann Hagger from a Big Craft Lil’ CraftShe has offered to add a free hand crafted gift for every hero child. Can you imagine how excited we both are?

Due to the amount of time I am volunteering I will have 3 spaces each month for heroes. If for some reason your child can not attend the photo session I am always happy to reschedule/fit in to their needs.

Please share, like and comment below. Help me reach to those young heroes parents.

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