Cake Smash – some tips for parents

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How do you prepare for Cake Smash photography session? Here I give you some handy tips. Every Cake Smash includes complementary Splash Session. This is absolutely out of charge. Make sure you bring along all items needed to comfort your baby.

Your little one’s first birthday is approaching.  You have booked in. Now you are wondering how to get the best out of the session. I will be there to guide you, if needed. You only need to bring few things along with you. 

Checklist for the things you will need in the studio:

  1. You can bring baby’s favourite snacks. Baby may need a little help with approching the cake. The snacks always help a lot.
  2. Drink cup. Babies are getting thirsty while smashing and tasting the cake. 
  3. Wooden spoon. Some babies are very careful and might not like to touch the cake at first. The spoon will help to break the ice. 
  4. A toy for little encouragement 
  5. Change of clothes for yourselves (you might get a little bit messy). Baby will be wearing my specially made outfits for most of the session time.
  6. Towel, because after the Cake Smash comes the Splash. 
  7. Box of strawberries, few oranges  or some flowers to add to the Splash. That is up to you, it may also be a plain, milky water or bubble bath.
  8. Cake if we agreed. I do offer a range of affordable, beautiful cakes for the session. Although some parents want to bring their own ones. I will be explaining a little more about the cake at the end of this post.

When you have all the things packed, you are all set for the great fun! You arrive to the session, please make yourselves comfortable. I need you to pose together with your little one. Please prepare yourselves, do your make up, hair and nails. The clothing should be in matching colours. I always explain a bit more upon the booking. We will capture family shot . Then we step in to the real cake business. Baby needs to change. I have many beautiful outfits, ready to use. I was working hard to prepare everything for the theme of the session. We can make fairy, butterfly, space, forest or anything you’ve suggested at the booking! 

Right, the little star is ready, so I start with a few clean shots. That’s before the messy business, where baby will be given the beautifully made, themed cake. The real party starts here. Trust me, you will remember it forever. Im telling you, such fun! If that is your baby’s first taste of the sweetness, we will get priceless face expressions!You must understand there are no rules for your baby. They are allowed to do whatever they want. Sitting directly on the cake included.

Eating cake and exploring the textures of the cake is a hard job. Your hands and face… well, whole of your body needs a nice good wash. Splash is complimentary as we definitely need it afterwords. After we are done with the cake, we go to a specially prepared bath. Here, we will use a small bath tube with clear or milky water, flowers and/or fruits, that you have brought to the session. The Splash is an absolute go for. Every single baby loves it.

Now, we have plenty of amazing images. Your baby may be slightly tired and might even fall a sleep. All the hard job is done and everyone is happy. This is where you will probably need to change your clothes. You can go back home with laughs and wonderful memories. And I’ll go to prepare your images for your amazing gallery. I will be in touch with you shortly to invite you for the viewing. Usually it takes less than 10 days.

Here are few tips for the cake if you prefer to bring your own: 

  1. The best sponge for the cake is vanilla or plain. For the best pictures try to avoid any chocolate brown cake. It is dark and looks wrong around the month. 
  2. Use butter icing, it is the most smash-able icing. The royal or fondant icing would be too hard for your little one.
  3. You can add fruits as a decoration or between the cake layers. Except dark coloured like for example blueberry to avoid long-term stains. 
  4. Be aware! The cake will be destroyed during the most amusing photo session. Often everything around the baby gets sticky and slimy, including baby themselves. That is perfect. That is what we want.

If you have any questions, please comment below or contact me directly.

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