What you need to know before your Newborn Session experience

Newborn photo session experience

You have decided to experience a Newborn Photo Session and booked in with The Angel Cheeks. All is set.

But it may happen the baby is late. No problem my dear.

Nobody told your baby to show on time. If they arrived earlier or later we will reschedule to another day. You only need to keep me informed about the current situation, giving me the chance to set a new slot for you. The best time to photograph the newborn is between 5 -15 days after their arrival. If your baby is born already please call me immediately.

So, your little bundle of joy has arrived. My congratulations!

The session has been scheduled for next week and you start worrying: What if the baby did not like it? How do you make sure everything goes smoothly? What if your baby went to the loo while posing, right? The day is approaching and you are a bit overwhelmed. Please relax. I assure you, everything will be just fine. I will capture the most beautiful images of your baby and retouch them with love. So what do you need to know before your Newborn photo session? Trust me, I know babies do not obey any rules. I will take care of everything, just follow and relax.

Steps to follow are:

-If you are breast feeding, make sure you avoid spicy food at least for one day before and until the time of the session.

-Keep your daily routine- that keeps your baby calm and happy, do not stress yourself, as babies immediately pick it up from mum.

-Please try to keep your baby awake for 1 or 2 hours before the shoot, to make sure they will sleep deeply during the session.

-When you arrive to the studio just make yourself comfortable and take the advantage to relax, some parents take a nap (they must have definitely needed that – feel free to do so)

-Please, don’t worry, I can handle, if at any point I need your assistance I will let you know. Otherwise trust me your baby is safe in my hands.

-Bring yourself some extra clothing in case baby messed up and you are soaked.


Baby was growing in your womb, naturally curled. This is the most comfortable pose for them. You can check it out here. When they are in deep sleep they do not even notice the gentle touch and repositioning. Although, there are few positions that I might need your loving hands to support your baby. One of them is froggy pose. We know their head is the heaviest part of their little body. We need the head to be in a certain position. For this pose, I – the photographer, will take a number of images to make a composite from them together in post editing flow. My hands will be holding the camera. At this point I absolutely need you to step in. I will explain how to safely handle the head to get the most desired image.

At any time during the session the baby is allowed to have a break. They might need a little feeding or the nappy change. If an incident happens and the baby messed on the prop or one of us, please take it easy. That is completely normal. I am used to it and I am prepared for this situation. You might like to have another set of clothing for yourself where as the blanket can be replaced or the floor wiped clean. I always wash them after the session anyway.

One more thing. The baby might already have older siblings. Then it will be more fun. For the best images please make sure the older children have a bath. So the hair, nails and feet look clean and ready for the photo shoot. Please bring some favourite snacks and drinks for them, just in case. Refreshments like tea or coffee will be provided.

When we have the session done you can come back home. I will need time to retouch and prepare your beautiful gallery for viewing. I will be in touch shortly, usually in less than 10 days. You will be invited to your viewing session.

If you have any questions please comment below or contact me.

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